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We're Powering Progress

One Project at a Time

We’re building more than tomorrow’s infrastructure today. We’re building careers and better communities. Join Waters & Bugbee, where it’s more than a job; it’s a path to a great future and a place where you will see your work make a difference.

Your journey to a real career begins with Waters & Bugbee

Waters & Bugbee has spent six decades laying the foundation for the communities we serve. We power the future, and we’re looking for driven individuals who want to leave their own mark on our communities through a fulfilling, dynamic career.

We don’t just build infrastructure at Waters & Bugbee; we launch careers. And our company is a place where people find opportunities to do great work and advance through the ranks.

You may wonder what sets us apart from other companies who make similar claims. It’s simple, really: It’s our unwavering commitment to our people.

Here’s our promise to employees:

We’re not about clocking in and out. We’re about building futures. When you join us, you’re not just an employee; you’re part of our family. Many team members have spent their entire careers with us, and some families span generations. We invest in your growth, providing ample training and advancement opportunities.

Our industry-leading safety program isn’t just a checkbox. It’s our lifeline. We protect our employees, clients and the public. When you work at Waters & Bugbee, you’re in good hands.
We’re not stuck in the past. We embrace innovation and technology. From the latest equipment to cutting-edge methods, we optimize efficiency and performance.
Waters & Bugbee is the go-to partner for major utility companies, municipalities and private developers. Our experienced leadership team ensures quality and coordination from project design to completion.
We are proud to be a force for good. We actively support community and charitable causes.
As a family-owned and -operated business, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and respect. When you’re here, you’re part of our extended family.
We’re not just building for today, we’re creating a clean energy future for generations to come. Join us in shaping a sustainable world.

Available Positions

  • Foreman

    Supervise and coordinate site personnel and subcontractors that pertain to a specific site or sites, reporting of site activities and managing the quality, quantity, and safety of all processes.

  • Construction Manager

    Oversee project lifecycle, manage teams, ensure safety and quality, budget oversight, and maintain client and subcontractor relations for successful project completion.

  • Assistant Construction Manager

    Assistant Construction Managers are responsible for Assisting the Construction/Project Managers in coordinating activities for cost, schedule, document control, quality, safety, and overall operations aspects of projects.

Waters & Bugbee: a company on the move

Waters & Bugbee stands as a testament to three generations of unwavering dedication, continually expanding and enhancing our reputation for excellence and surpassing the expectations of our valued customers across the Mid-Atlantic.

Our mission is to “Build Extraordinary!” from our projects to our people. We’re not just building infrastructure; we’re pioneering the future and developing our workforce into the next generation of leaders. What’s more, our commitment to innovation, quality and safety means we begin every day aiming to craft extraordinary experiences and outcomes for all stakeholders involved.


At the heart of our success is a leadership team with unparalleled expertise and experience. Our leaders work to ensure each member of the Waters & Bugbee family is deeply entrenched in a culture of continuous learning and improvement, with a relentless focus on training and safety. That commitment to safety is not just a priority but a core value, underscored by our industry-leading track record in maintaining the highest standards of safety across all of our projects.

While rooted in traditional electric, gas and water infrastructure projects, Waters & Bugbee is embracing the evolving landscape of utility construction, venturing into renewable energy with a forward-thinking approach. Our expansion into renewable energy construction projects reflects our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

This spirit of innovation extends to our entrance into porous pavement construction, a groundbreaking approach that enhances stormwater management and reduces environmental impact. By pioneering this technique, we’re revolutionizing the way infrastructure is built and leading the charge in creating more resilient and eco-friendly communities.

Waters & Bugbee is a symbol of progress and ingenuity within the construction industry.

With a proud history of delivering excellence, blazing trails and dedicating ourselves to safety and sustainability, we extend an invitation for you to learn more about us and join us on our journey.

We are paving the way for the future of infrastructure construction, embarking on each project with a commitment to exceptional results.

The 7 Best Things About Working at Waters & Bugbee

A lot of companies will say they treat their employees like family. But that’s our culture and exactly why many of our employees stay with us for their entire careers.

Our team

Everything at Waters & Bugbee can be traced to our family ownership. We have become a destination employer because we concentrate on providing careers, not jobs. That begins at the top, and it’s an approach all of our managers value. We invest in you, and that means putting you in a position to grow and do your best work.

Our environment

We value a collaborative environment, one built on training and providing opportunities to advance. We value working together, sharing knowledge and exploring new ideas. Collaboration is at the heart of our success, and we appreciate diverse perspectives.

Our commitment to you

We invest in our employees’ advancement. From workshops to mentorship programs, we offer opportunities for continuous learning and skill enhancement.

Our focus on employee safety

We are totally committed to safety every day in every job, from performing business tasks in the office to construction projects in the field.

Our benefits

We provide comprehensive benefits packages that fit the needs of our full-time employees and their families. Benefits include medical, dental and disability insurance, 401(k), vacation and holiday pay.

Our customers

We have won the respect of clients around the Mid-Atlantic. They come to us with their most important and exciting projects – and they keep coming back because our work makes a real impact.

Our promise

We understand the importance of work-life balance. Waters & Bugbee promotes a healthy equilibrium, ensuring our employees thrive both personally and professionally.

Frequently asked questions

If Your Question Is Not Here Contact Us

We make it easy to learn about our company, our history and our people. If you’re curious about something not covered in our FAQs, just reach out.

We are a full service general contractor with a concentration on utility infrastructure.
We work in the Mid-Atlantic, which we define as the State of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware.
We are entering our 60th year as a utility contractor; however, our roots in construction date to the 1920s.
Our work has always centered around electrical, natural gas, water and telecommunications infrastructure.
As we continue to evolve, we are increasing our involvement in solar and electric vehicle charging station installations.
Two of our more unique services are Strong-Seal manhole rehabilitation and Flexi-Pave porous pavement.
Our primary sustainability initiative surrounds the installation of electric vehicle chargers.
All of our employees undergo continuous training by in-house safety staff as well as yearly certifications on specific construction tasks.
In a word, yes. We have many multiple-generation families employed.
Openings are available on our Careers page. If you don’t see an opening that seems to fit, please fill out the form anyway and upload your resume.