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Report to:  Construction Manager (s)

Subordinates:  Laborers, Operating Engineers, Welders, and Subcontractors

Profile:  Supervise and coordinate site personnel and subcontractors that pertain to a specific site or sites, reporting of site activities and managing the quality, quantity, and safety of all processes.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Placement of orders, receive and distribute materials necessary for current and future work within the project (Material Control)-these orders should be correct amounts, not to be overly excessive to reduce waste (Cost Control).  When multiple foremen are on the same project, a detailed discussion with the CM should occur frequently to determine who is to place the order for similar materials.
  • Maintain safety within the project for both employees and subcontractors/vendors that adheres to the Company’s Safety Policy and industry standards.  Including, but not limited to, OSHA regulations and Clients (Safety Control).
  • Relays information of necessary repairs needed to all equipment on the project (Maintenance Control).
  • Plans for and communicates necessary equipment and workforce for a minimum of 1 week in advance – job preparation, prioritization of task in a productive manner.
  • Reviews and interprets plans, blueprints and sketches of intended project and builds to specifications.
  • Communicates to crew members necessary shape up for the following day, or changes in original anticipated daily workload, such as location or rain outs (this includes existing crew members or changed crew members).
  • Review and process subordinate evaluations.
  • Planning of daily activities and effective communications to crew members.
  • Prepares proper reporting of daily employee time (compensating employees at the proper pay rate for the process they completed in conjunction with union agreements) and project items completed.
  • Documents daily information into logbook.
  • Identify current and/or possible problems, alleviate them quickly and as safely as possible.
  • Provide guidance and training to subordinates.
  • Understanding of cost as it relates to all facets of labor, material, and equipment and how it affects the bottom line.
  • Adhere to Code of Conduct – Employee Handbook.
  • Take ownership of project.
  • OSHA 10 or 30 hour (the higher of the two provided by local union 172/472), as well as Excavation Safety, Haz Mat, Confined Space Entry, First Aid/CPR (these are liable to change as the work changes).
  • Conducts a detailed and job specific tailboard at the start of each workday.
  • Maintain vehicle in such manner as it is equipped for various work activities as required.
  • Be proactive in doing all possible things to meet production goals established by management.
  • Control job costs by monitoring to reduce material waste and limitation of unnecessary overtime.
  • Communicate daily to Construction Manager with ideas and suggestions that could improve project.  
  • Conducts himself/herself in a professional manner when interacting with inspectors, safety representatives, and the public as they are our frontline representation of Waters & Bugbee.
  • Should be the first person on the job each day and the last to leave.
  • At completion of each workday ensure that all measures have been taken that the jobsite has been left in a safe and clean manner.
  • Maintain positive can-do working attitude.

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