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Subordinates: General and Labor Foreman, Laborers, Operating Engineers, Welders, Subcontractors as well as Vendors and Suppliers

Profile: Plan, staff, direct, coordinate, budget review, and decision making on various types of projects

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Schedule projects in logical steps to meet budgets and deadlines.
  • Determine labor, equipment, and material requirements via detailed discussions with Foreman in accordance with review of estimate.
  • Monitor project via inspections to verify compliance with safety.
  • Interpret, understand, and the ability to explain contract terms, whether sub or vendor contracts, or union contracts.
  • Develop and monitor Schedule of Values both company’s and subcontractor’s verifying work completed matches amounts being billed.
  • Tracking of project man hours and units completed, to verify against quantities billable.
  • Review and understand specifications of each project.
  • Budget tracking and understanding to make financial decisions regarding each owned project.
  • Secure long term or specialized material or products.
  • Evaluate construction methods, determine if best practices are being used for safety, quality, and production.
  • Be proactive regarding delays, bad weather, emergencies and change of scope regarding each project.
  • Cost and budget tracking.
  • Understand how effectively managing the Planning, Cost, Time, Quality, Contracts, and Safety of each project can produce good results.
  • Job site visits regularly to oversee production and to ensure safety protocols are being properly followed.
  • Evaluate and report on subordinates, including subs, and relay information on both high and low performers.
  • Continually develop relationships with existing clients as well as forming relationships with new clients.
  • Adhere to code of conduct – Employee Handbook.
  • Daily communication with other Construction Managers regarding need changes in personnel and equipment.
  • Weekly reporting of job status to owners or owner’s representatives.
  • Working experience with gas, water, sewer, and electric utilities preferred, but not required.

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