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Report to: Construction Managers and Senior Manager as required

Subordinates: General and Labor Foreman, Laborers, Operating Engineers, Welders, Subcontractors as well as Vendors and Suppliers

Profile: Assistant Construction Managers are responsible for Assistin g the Construction/Project Managers in coordinating activities for cost, schedule, document control, quality, safety, and overall operations aspects of projects. The ACM is expected to take on as many tasks as possible for future growth with the long-term expectation of assuming a CM position. Assist the Construction Manager in all aspects of the project.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Schedule project in logical steps to meet budget and deadlines
  • Determine labor, equipment and material requirements via detailed discussions with Foreman in accordance with review of estimate
  • Monitor project via inspections to verify compliance with safety
  • Interpret, understand and the ability to explain contract terms, whether sub or vendor contracts or union contracts [Union contracts can be accessed via the following: id=agcofnj password=active2012
  • Develop and monitor Schedule of Values both company’s and subcontractor’s verifying work completed matches amounts being billed
  • Tracking of project man hours and units completed, to verify against quantities billable
  • Review and understand specifications of each project
  • Budget tracking and understanding to make financial decisions regarding each owned project
  • Secure long term or specialized material or products
  • Evaluate construction methods , determine if best practices are being used for safety, quality and production
  • Be proactive regarding delays, bad weather, emergencies and change of scope regarding each project
  • Cost tracking
  • Understand how effectively managing the Planning, Cost, Time, Quality, Contracts and Safety of each project can produce good results
  • Evaluate and report on subordinates including subs and relay information to Operation Manager and Estimating group on both high and low performers
  • Continually develop relationships with existing clients as well as forming relationships with new clients
  • Adhere to code of conduct-Employee Handbook
  • Daily communication with other ACM Construction Managers regarding need changes in personnel and equipment
  • Weekly report of job status to owners or owners’ representatives
  • Participate  in various job meeting with CM
  • Know and read all contract documents for various projects
  • Prepare Cost to Complete Dashboards
  • Monitor daily work activities and record to appropriate tabulation
  • Review foreman’s dally timesheets
  • Write and track Change Orders with assistance from CM
  • Obtain permitif necessary  for project
  • Provide a submittal log if require d
  • Provide documentation of meeting agendas if necessary
  • Draft and repair RFI’S as needed for various projects
  • Review and code job tickets
  • Well  versed  in company’s safety  policies  and procedures
  • Dispatch
  • Schedule board

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