Waters & Bugbee launches Safety Simplified series featuring Ron Anderson

Published On: March 18, 2024
Ron Anderson, the Safety DIrector at Waters & Bugbee.

HAMILTON, New Jersey — Waters and Bugbee, a leading contractor in the Mid-Atlantic region, has launched a series of free tips, available on the company’s LinkedIn page.

The “Safety Simplified” posts feature Ron Anderson, the Waters & Bugbee Safety Director. Anderson has been at Waters & Bugbee three years and prioritizes preparation and a common sense approach to keeping crews on any site safe. You can find all the posts by searching the #SafetySimplified hashtag.

At Waters & Bugbee, employee well-being is paramount in all aspects of our operations, whether in the office or on-site during construction projects.

Our protocols go beyond standard procedures such as JSA, HSA, and tailboard meetings. Each shift begins with a detailed assessment, focusing on site-specific tasks and emphasizing core work practices essential for accident prevention.

Key to our initiative is our proactive approach to learning from past experiences. By promptly addressing even the smallest errors and acknowledging positive behaviors, we continually enhance our performance.

While comprehensive safety orientations mark the start of our employees’ journey, it’s just the initial step. Regular company-wide seminars held quarterly ensure that safety remains a top priority for every team member.

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