Daily Look Ahead

Any action, good or bad, repeated for 30 days tends to become second nature, and repeating positive actions lead to positive results.  At Waters & Bugbee, we go beyond completing the standard JSA, HSA, and tailboard meetings.  We conduct a daily work look ahead at the beginning of each work shift.  Look ahead discussions center on the activities for that specific site and reinforce a focus on our ‘core work activities’ that are often taken for granted and lead to safety incidents.  Our program includes an active near miss and lessons learned component.  This allows us to eliminate mistakes and recognize positive actions.  By repeating positive actions, we work to ensure positive results.


Corporate Training

While our employees begin working with us by completing our initial safety orientation, this overview is only the introduction to our employees’ safety participation.  We conduct company-wide safety seminars quarterly to ensure our commitment stays fresh in our employees’ minds.  Our qualifications include:

  • 192 & 195 Operator Qualification
  • OQ Fusion Qualification
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • OSHA
  • Confined Space
  • Trenching & Excavation
  • Hazmat Qualification
  • DOT
  • ISnet world

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