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Company History

Waters & Bugbee, Inc., located in Hamilton, New Jersey dates back to the early 20th century and was defined as an underground utilities contractor in the early 1960's, and keeps that as its focus today, three generations later. Because of the nature of utilities, Waters & Bugbee has been able to weather economic downturns. Because of the nature of its leaders, the firm has been able to transition and grow.

We've really defined who we are, a contractor of choice for utility companies. When you look at the amount of work that needs to be done - it's really exciting.
. . . Jeff Waters

Family Succession, Changing Vision

In the Northeast, where various components of the strained infrastructure are more than a century old, it only makes sense that as one of the most successful companies addressing infrastructure upgrades we can trace our history for more than a century.

At Waters & Bugbee, Inc., we are a versatile contractor headquartered in Hamilton, N.J., that dates back to the early 20th century, when Albert Bugbee began building bridges for roads and highways in the growing Trenton, N.J. area. .

By the 1950s, Albert Bugbee started collaborating on equipment rental and servicing needs with an area service station owner, Norman E. Waters. The two formed a partnership, incorporating the Waters & Bugbee Co., Inc. in 1964. Upon the passing of Norman E. Waters and latter retirement of Albert Bugbee, the ownership of the company was turned over to Norman's son Donald R. Waters, Sr.

Donald Sr. grew the company by constructing underground infrastructure for new housing developments (the installation of underground electric, telecommunications and gas facilities). This growth provided a strong base for the firm.

Upon the passing of Donald Sr. in 2003, the ownership of the firm was passed to his three sons, Jeffrey (President), Donald Jr. (Vice President- Operations) and Charles (Executive Vice President). Other Key Executive Personnel, who together with the Waters continue to guide the firm, are Dennis F. Brophy (Vice President) and Steven Minshall (Vice President Business Development).

With the turn of the 21 st century, Waters & Bugbee Inc. is still focusing on providing specialized construction services for the electric, water, natural gas and renewable energy industries.

At the root level, according to Charles Waters, some things have stayed very much the same throughout the company's evolution. "Throughout the generations, there's always been the vision, the philosophy, that superior service ensures customer satisfaction," says Charles. "We still live by that mantra today, and everyone who works here believes in it."

Another important factor to our success is the firm's emphasis on safety. We have adopted corporate culture surrounding safety and now maintain one of the highest safety records in the region.

Continued concentration of infrastructure upgrades is important now more than ever before. Waters & Bugbee proactively addresses aging systems before failures occur, that is our best plan of action.

At Waters & Bugbee, we are installing tomorrow's infrastructure today.